Past Meetings

Spring 2019 Schedule

Date Title Presenters
JAnuary 28, 2019 Intermediate Python Christian Pascual
March 5, 2019 Interactive visualization using RStudio’s Shiny Julia Wrobel
March 19, 2019 Angel Garcia de la Garza
April 29, 2019 Making an R Package Nick Williams

Fall 2018 Schedule

Date Title Presenters
Panel of Speakers
September 24, 2018 Using LaTeX Yutao Liu
November 19, 2018 Working with maps in R Angel Garcia de la Garza
December 3, 2018

Spring 2018 Schedule

Date Title Presenters
February 5, 2018 General Meeting Hartaig Singh and Margie Hannum
March 5, 2018 Data Science with Python Michael Figueroa (from Columbia Data Science Institute)
March 19, 2018

Introduction to Illustrator for Scientists

Link to download materials and resources
Anjile An
April 2, 2018 Stan for Bayesian Network Analysis Yutao Liu

Fall 2017 Schedule

Date Title Presenters
September 11, 2017

How to Set Up Your Computer as a Statistician

Notes from presentation and panel discussion

Jeff Goldsmith

Student Panel: Yutao Liu, Julia Wrobel, Karissa Whiting, and Brady Rippon
October 9, 2017

Split, Match, Replace and other ways to juggle multiple data types in R

Sample Genomic Data

Data Manipulation Tutorial Code
Margaret Hannum
October 16, 2017

LaTeX Workshop

LaTeX with Overleaf Slides
Brady Rippon
November 13, 2017

Using the OSX Terminal

Link to Julia’s Tutorial
Julia Wrobel
December 4, 2017 Data Collection with SQL Hartaig Singh

Spring 2017

Date Title Presenters
January 19, 2017

Introduction to R and R Markdown

rMarkdown Exercise

Ariel’s rMarkdown Slides Ariel’s sample rMarkdown file
Ariel Chernofsky
February 23, 2017

The beauty of ggplot2

ggplot2 pdf

Jihui’s rMarkdown file on ggplot2
Jihui Lee
March 23, 2017

Interactive visualization using RStudio’s Shiny

shiny slides

hospitals dataset

hospitals app
Julia Wrobel
April 20, 2017

Using GitHub for collaboration and version control

Jeff’s slides
Jeff Goldsmith